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Simply import your existing Bitcoin wallet to review any stuck unconfirmed transactions in your wallet. It doesn’t matter whether you are sending the payment or receiving it, Afterburner works on almost all transactions in your wallet. Tap the stuck unconfirmed transaction, review and accept the new fees, and your stuck transaction should be confirmed in the next few blocks. provides the service of Bitcoin transaction acceleration in cooperation with other mining pools. The fee structure was quite high in December 2017 but in general, the fee revolves around $5-$10. Through this service, one can increase the probability of confirming their transaction within 1 hour to 75% and within 4 hours to 98%. In December 2017, the Bitcoin Blockchain network was processing more than 4,50,000 transactions a day which caused serious congestion into the network. Bitcoin accelerators can smoothen the transaction process and save both time and effort of investors. But there are PAID and Free bitcoin transaction acceleration services available now which you can use to keep your own transaction from getting stuck.
To accelerate quality, access, and equity to prepare all students for their preferred future. Bitcoin transfers could be processed using the LTC network for smaller payments. The LTC network works faster than Ethereum and it is compatible with Bitcoin. That means that there are many different liquid ways to sell LTC and get BTC and vice-versa. Although the Lightning Network is now in a beta stage, there are some platforms that have already embraced it. Nonetheless, not every single BTC user feels comfortable using off-chain solutions to perform their BTC transfers. The Lightning Network is one of the main competitors to Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators. This is an off-chain and second-layer solution that allows BTC transfers to be processed almost instantly and for almost no fee . AFAIK, this link has been dead for a very long time [it gives an error on my side, I’ve tried changing my IP but had no luck].

Why is my bitcoin transaction still unconfirmed?

Unconfirmed transaction means that your transaction is being broadcast through the network until some miner write it down into a block. If the unconfirmed transaction is not confirmed into the blockchain after some days, it is deleted from the network.

Data from the site shows the mempool transaction count or the total number of unconfirmed transactions in the mempool, is above 69,000 transactions on Thursday. Cryptocurrency transaction stats from shows 77,034 transactions are waiting for a BTC miner confirmation. When more people start to use Bitcoin, the block size reaches the limit and leads to crowded Bitcoin beaxy crypto exchange network. As a result, some transactions are delayed, waiting for confirmation. To speed up the process, these Bitcoin users have to pay higher miner fees and/or use SegWit transactions. BitAccelerate is a free Bitcoin transaction accelerator that allows you to get faster confirmations on your unconfirmed transactions. Just enter the transaction ID and click the “Accelerate” button.

What Makes Btc Acceleration Different?

Particle B expects to launch at least one project per quarter in 2021, with DeFi being the first area of focus for the accelerator. In October 2013, BTCjam was accepted into the 500 Startups accelerator program and secured seed financing from Ribbit Capital, 500 Startups, FundersClub and Bitcoin Investment Trust. Question feed To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Browse other questions tagged unconfirmed-transactions or ask your own question. The user has to enter the TXID input field and the rest is taken care by Bitcoin accelerator.

This is another cool Bitcoin transaction accelerator that allows you to accelerate your stuck Bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin Afterburner is an open source wallet utility designed to get your stuck unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions confirmed as quickly as possible. These transactions are assembled in a backlog pool called mempool from where miners pick-up transactions in the priority of transaction fees attached to it. Therefore, more the transaction fees attached to your transaction, the higher are the chances to get included in the next block. Looking for a Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator to speedup stuck BTC transactions?

Accelerate Your Btc Transactionin A Few Clicks

However, it is not possible to certainly know which is the level of fees that a user has to pay in order for the transfer to be processed efficiently. Another choice is but their fees are so high, it really, really doesn’t worth to use them. Viabtc also has paid service, not good but better than at critical moments. AFAIK, only 100 tx limits that allow per hour in the ViaBTC Bitcoin transaction accelerator. If you will receive an error response it might be the 100 tx limit has been achieved within an hour.

Technically, the only one who can accelerate your transaction is a miner or a mining pool by including it into the block they are working on. The accelerated creation is successful and will notified you by email after the transaction is confirmed. Enter the transaction hash you need to accelerate and we will make a price estimate hummingbot auto trading for the transaction and pre-unconfirmed transactions. Over the years, transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain have increased exponentially which results in huge traffic on Bitcoin’s blockchain. If the recommended TX fee is higher than you want to pay try waiting until the bitcoin network is less busy to send your coins.

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The 360 Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator speeds up confirmation times of all Bitcoin transactions, even TX’s with a low transaction fee. Usually, a Bitcoin transaction needs 3 confirmations before the receiver treats it as “official”. This is how the Bitcoin network prevents coins from being spent twice. However, the BTC network suffers from frequent congestion due to the increasing popularity of Bitcoins. When busy, it’s not uncommon for a transaction to take 12 hours or more to get confirmed. Sending Bitcoins with a low transaction fee would be the second most common cause of slow transaction’s confirmation. They do not offer a refund as well and all transactions get confirmed within 72 hours, but mostly it gets done within 12 hours. These accelerators are run by none other than the miners themselves as their intention is to get higher block mining fees and rewards. As more and more crypto users start trading or using Bitcoin, the block size reaches the maximum limit, i.e., 1 MB, after which it creates severe congestion in the network.
Usually, If it’s been over 60 minutes your transaction is taking to long to confirm. At this point, its a good time to use our free bitcoin transaction accelerator service. This is a free Bitcoin transaction accelerator that enables you to get faster transaction confirmations. You just need to put your transaction ID and click on the accelerate button. Alternatively, you can resubmit your stuck transactions every 6 hours till it hets confirmed. Just make sure you don’t abuse their service as they have every right to ban any customer. Moreover, because’s and’s transaction accelerator users can leverage bitcoin cash , they can utilize the BCH network’s low transfer fees. Data from,, and indicate that the current fee to get into the next BCH block is only $0.0035 or a third of a penny. ViaBTC’s transaction accelerator offers a free service for the Bitcoin users to accelerate the BTC transactions.

How long does it take to receive Bitcoin on Luno?

It usually takes 24 hours to activate, but in some of our supported countries, it takes up to 14 days. The date at which your send option will be activated is displayed to you in the app, and you’ll also receive an email notification as soon as it’s activated for you.

In order for a Bitcoin transaction accelerator to work, users have to pay a small processing fee. If the service is for free, then you will just be able to avoid paying the fees. Bitcoin transactions take an average of ten minutes to receive one network confirmation, assuming they contain a proper fee. However, since not everyone wants to pay large fees, they are often forced to wait. With the ViaBTC Transaction Accelerator, this problem is resolved. Usually bitaccelerate works, may be any fees above 50 SAT/B might work. The ViaBTC mining pool doesn’t entertain transaction fees lower than this.

One more good thing is that no sign-in is required and it speeds up your Bitcoin transaction. Its transaction accelerator service started in 2017 as a protest against a limitation of 1 MB blocks. Their service is free for the community and gives priority to the transactions who have paid extra fee for the acceleration service. btc accelerator Bitcoin transaction accelerator ViaBTC also provide paid service on special cases like an extremely low transaction fee. To use this service, you need to submit your transaction ID and a minimum transaction fee of 0.0001BTC/KB. Actually, this site is donation supported, so technically someone is paying for it.
The only kind of accelerator that does work are the ones offered by AntPool, and ViaBTC. They can, if they want, put your transaction on their mined blocks. All the other websites are either doing that for you or just scamming you. Like you said, they push (or better, broadcast) the transaction.
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Your transfer can get stuck in the Mempool for several hours, days or even weeks if you do not pay a higher fee. The Bitcoin network is able to process between 3 and 7 transactions per second . Although this seems a low number compared to VISA, PayPal or even other blockchain networks, we need to remember that Bitcoin is the safest decentralized blockchain network in the world. This solution would increase the possibilities of your transfer to get added to the next block to 75%. Bitcoin blocks are processed every ten minutes by the Bitcoin network. This Bitcoin transaction accelerator will allow you to process your BTC transfer in just minutes. Users will have to share their ID and basic information in order to process the transfer. Bitcoin Mempool guide, miners select the transfers with the highest fees. This allows them to process those transactions that would provide them with the largest earnings.

Bitcoin Accelerator

Probably you should wait another 1 hour and accelerate the transaction next after an hour. Would suggest you to pay fees as per the internet sites which keep track of current fees instead of using these services. The proof is that when the mempool is full it doesn’t do a thing for you. I can’t say for sure but it seems most of these free services are only rebroadcasting your transaction. If you’re your fee is low, it will only be ignored by miners again. And man, I wish I did know of a good one at times like these, where the network is congested as hell and the fees are outrageous. If anyone knows of any legitimate ones, I’d love to hear about them. I have yet to find one that works via Google search, and I’ve tried quite a few. During previous network slowdowns, there used to be some threads created by members saying they could accelerate transactions, but I think most of them turned out to be scams. In my opinion, technological advancements like Afterburner that makes difficult processes likeReplace by fees or Child pays for parent easy for transaction acceleration are the way to go.

  • In my opinion, technological advancements like Afterburner that makes difficult processes likeReplace by fees or Child pays for parent easy for transaction acceleration are the way to go.
  • Would suggest you to pay fees as per the internet sites which keep track of current fees instead of using these services.
  • Usually, a Bitcoin transaction needs 3 confirmations before the receiver treats it as “official”.

A few days ago, I helped a member get confirmation for his transaction, which was unconfirmed for 9 hours – and with the first block that Via mined, the transaction was confirmed. Its a nicely planned gimmick/confidence trick run by some users on this forum. People tend to cheap out on fees and then come to ask their help, the helper does nothing but replies after a couple of hours saying that its been accelerated. IIRC, I just tried to use it a few months ago but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.
The users can now improve the chance of confirming your bitcoin transaction across the globe within an hour. ConfirmTX is a transaction accelerator that allows users to get faster confirmations on users unconfirmed transactions. In the future, new ways of sending and receiving Bitcoin could be created. This is why Bitcoin transaction accelerators should think a way to offer better services and adapt to these market changes.

In particular, we present an analysis of the techno-economic feedback loops that drive Bitcoin’s price and network effects. Based on our analysis of Bitcoin, we test and further refine the Social Bubble Hypothesis, which holds that bubbles constitute an essential component in the process of technological innovation. BTCjam was part of the 500 Startups accelerator program and received investments from Ribbit Capital, Foundation Capital, Pantera Capital, and other venture capital firms. It has facilitated bitcoin loans for more than US$14,000,000 in over 120 countries. However, be aware if you decide to go for the PAID services, don’t fall for the scammy ones. Free BTC Accelerator pushes the user transaction to our BTC Partner pools for free which ultimately increase the users’ chance of confirming BTC transaction as early as possible.
Since bitcoin’s price rise, at certain times, transaction fees have climbed to $10 to $20 per transfer, and people who pay less than the median fee may have to wait a while. However, people might not realize that there’s a tool people can leverage called a transaction accelerator, a platform that increases the probability of getting a transaction confirmed. This is why Bitcoin transaction acceleration services are helping users. Rather than selling their BTC btc accelerator for faster coins such as Litecoin , it is possible to accelerate our transfers. As we have seen in the previous sections, individuals can simply use a Bitcoin transaction accelerator. In many cases, the Bitcoin transaction accelerator services are provided by miners themselves. This allows them to process the transfers and get a small fee paid to them for this service as well. At the moment, there are several Bitcoin transaction accelerators in the market.

The Bitcoin network allows users to send and receive transactions. You can send BTC, pay a small fee to miners, and get your funds delivered to another person. Although this should take just a few minutes and cost less than $2, not always is like that. It is positive to see this service reach such a milestone in quick succession. What is even more interesting is keeping an eye on how this service will evolve. It is unclear if the Transaction Accelerator can scale to include more transactions every hour.
Some of them will be for free, while others would include a small fee. Bitcoin transactions can become very slow if the network is congested. This is why a Bitcoin transaction accelerator can help with this issue. In this guide, we will share with you all the information you should have about how a bitcoin transaction accelerator works. I always send the BTC transactions with a mining fee of over 14 satoshis per byte, viabtc accelerator will solve the confirmation asap if the minimum fee is over 10 satoshi per byte. The accelerator above also has been an alternative for me and I come to ask from forum members if the transaction stuck for 24 hours.
Rebroadcasting is not doing anything, it might come in handy if the mempool goes completely overboard and transactions are getting booted out of the mempool but that’s not the case. Actually in that case it would be better to simply let it be forgotten as it stands no chance of being confirmed automated trading soon anyhow. On the other side, viabtc is the only one that can help you in these cases because they can actually confirm the transactions they chose in the blocks their mine with their pool. That’s because they only accept 100 transactions/hour, so you have to be very quick.

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