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Barisan “Gunpla” Keluaran Terbaru Mei 2019

SD Gundam Gross Silhouette Gundam Ground Type

Tanggal Terbit : 18 Mei 2019

The Gundam Ground Type from “Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team” appears as part of the “SD Gundam Cross Silhouette” (SDCS) series. The weapons container can be mounted on the backpack as shown. Besides being able to store weapons in the container, the shield is able to stand on its own. The waist part for the CS frame is included, and by combining the separately sold CS frame, the standing-knee pose and 180mm cannon firing pose is reproducible.

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Silhouette Booster [White]

Tanggal Terbit : 18 Mei 2019

For the SDCS series, an expansion parts set appears. By attaching to the existing frame, you can reproduce tall and short head versions of the body and select your favorite proportion. With flat hand (left and right), grip hand (left), and saber-holding hand (right), these parts can also be used for the “Zaku II” from the same series. Also, with the separately sold SDCS frame that comes with “GM Head” and “SDCS Gundam”, you can create the “GM” by combining the items together.

Haropla Haro Eternal Pink

Tanggal Terbit : 18 Mei 2019

From “Gundam Build Divers”, a new color of “Haropla Haro” appears. In the image of the haro of Lacus Clyne from “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” in “Eternal Pink” specification, you can also connect it with other haropla.

RG 1/144 Crossbone Gundam X1

Tanggal Terbit : 25 Mei 2019

The Crossbone Gundam X1, which appears in the comics “Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam”, with its high density feel, coloring, and precision reproduction, is the 5th “GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT” model kit.

The head has detailed parts, and with Vulcan or Skull shapes, you can enjoy selectable eye patches, and the fin expansion gimmick is precisely reproduced as well. With the new advanced MS joint and core fighter transformation, docking can be reproduced, and the knee armor interlock gimmick. In addition, beam zanber and buster gun can be combined to form the “zanber star”, and the characteristic cloak and effect parts are dynamically reproduced.

HGCE 1/144 Destiny Gundam

Tanggal Terbit : 31 Mei 2019

From “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY”, the Destiny Gundam appears in the latest HG format. The joints of the newly modelled kit lets you create action poses just like in the anime. The side armor slides back to avoid interference with the legs, and the structure does not limit its movable range. In addition to the “Wings of Light” clear parts, “Palma Fiocina” open hand, Arondight, high energy long range beam gun, and beam boomerang, it comes with numerous armaments.

RE/100 1/100 Vigna Ghina II

Tanggal Terbit : 31 Mei 2019

From “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”, the mobile suit variation of “F91-MSV”, the Vigna Ghina II appears. It has new design modelling that images the shape of the Gundam type head and flexible wing nozzles. It includes the shot lancer and beam shield armaments.

Source : Gundam Info

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